The Pulpster

The annual magazine about pulp magazines for over 25 years

Number 8

'The Pulpster' #8 (1998)

The Pulpster #8 (1998)

Number 8 of The Pulpster was published for Pulpcon 27 (1998).


Whence Dan Fowler?
by Michael Chomko

Canada’s Uncanny Tales
by Don Hutchison

There’s nothing like the real thing…
by Neil Mechem

Ghosts and phantoms
by Will Murray

Faces of evil
by Nick Carr

The case of the disappearing paintings
by Hugh B. Cave

Pulpster art gallery
by Neil Mechem

The shadow of evil
by Curt Ladnier

The Fantamos novels (listing)
by Curt Ladnier

Red Finger — The terror of spydom
by Tom Johnson

Living in paradise — 1938

Pulpster art gallery
by Franklyn E. Hamilton

by Thomas Thursday

The original Spice Girls (Spicy covers)


Editorial, by Tony Davis
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis
Guest of Honor: Algis Budrys, by Rusty Hevelin
Guest of Honor: Elmer Kelton, by Rusty Hevelin