The Pulpster

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Number 26

'The Pulpster' #26 (2017)

The Pulpster #26 (2017)

Number 26 of The Pulpster was published for PulpFest 2017.

Cover stories

Dangerous dames
Move over fellas, these female detectives could be as hard-boiled as the men.
by Ron Goulart

Women in the detective pulps
Today’s female crime writers owe a debt to the trailblazers of the pulp era.
by Bill Pronzini


Scarlett O’Horror of Alabam
Mary Elizabeth Counselman kept her hand in ‘grue’ long after Weird Tales.
by Tony Davis

The O. Henry of the pulps
Best known for Psycho, Robert Bloch was a writer’s writer.
by Garyn G. Roberts

How I get my inspiration
A young Robert Bloch provides the secret to his weird-fiction creativity.
by A Weird Tales Author

Bloch’s archetypal thriller: Psycho
A look at the often under-appreciated Robert Bloch novel that was the basis for Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie.
by Garyn G. Roberts

First, do no harm!
How to clean, repair, and preserve your pulp collection.
by Curt Phillips

The lesser of ‘The Big Three’
There’s a lot of good mystery and detective reading in Detective Fiction Weekly.
by Walker Martin

Pulp Christmas snow
Or, cannibalized corpse: How the paperbacks kept pulp fiction alive.
by Douglas Draa

The tall tales of Captain McGrail
Richard Sale takes a humorous approach to police fiction in this short series for Detective Fiction Weekly.
by Monte Herridge


From the Editor, by William Lampkin
From the Publisher, by Michael Chomko
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis

On the cover

Norman Saunders painted this “dangerous dame,” who originally graced the cover of the July 1949 number of Black Mask. The painting appears courtesy of his son, pulp art historian David Saunders. A limited edition poster of the painting is available in the “gift shop” at the Norman Saunders website,


p. 6, Mary Elizabeth Counselman was born Nov. 19, 1911 (not 1921).
p. 40, Index to Advertisers: Pulp Factory Awards is on p. 4 (not p. 5).