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Number 25

'The Pulpster' #25 (2016)

The Pulpster #25 (2016)

Number 25 of The Pulpster was published for PulpFest 2016.

Cover story

90 years of Amazing Stories
Former editors of Amazing Stories recall the history of the sf magazine.
by former Amazing Stories editors Hugo Gernsback, Howard Browne, Joseph Wrzos (Joe Ross), Barry N. Malzberg, Ted White, Elinor Mavor, and Patrick L. Price


What becomes of your pulps after you’re gone?
Planning ahead will ensure that your pulp treasures won’t be squandered.
by David W. Smith

Farmer’s ventures into Amazing
Philip José Farmer put aside his usual themes for political and philosophical topics in the ’60s and ’70s.
by Art Sippo

More mystery for a dime
A nickel weekly transforms into the first pulp detective magazine.
by J. Randolph Cox

Wallace Thurman and Harlem Stories
A look at African-American writers in the pulp magazines.
by David M. Earle

A Western Story desperado
Or, how a drive to Pulpcon triggered an urge to collect the long-running pulp — twice.
by Walker Martin

Second-string heroes
Street & Smith looked to The Whisperer and Cap Fury to push boundaries.
by William Lampkin


No greater love
Unseen dangers stalk through the jungles of Harlem.
by Michael Bittner


From the Editor, by William Lampkin
From the Publisher, by Michael Chomko
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis

On the cover

Harold W. McCauley’s painting for the August 1942 number of Amazing Stories. The cover story is “The Vengeance of Martin Brand,” by G.J. Irwin. (Irwin was a pen name for Amazing’s editor Ray Palmer.)


p. 11, “Joseph Wrzos*  August 1965-October 1967” (Joseph Wrzos’ name was spelled incorrectly.)