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Number 23

'The Pulpster' #23 (2014)

The Pulpster #23 (2014)

Number 23 of The Pulpster was published for PulpFest 2014.

Cover story

Science fiction and the pulps
It’s 1939; the “World of Tomorrow” is just around the corner; and a genre is evolving.
by Michael Chomko


Youthful exuberance and Futuria Fantasia
The archetypal fanzine was Ray Bradbury’s bridge to immortality.
by Garyn G. Roberts

The living legend of Argentine SF
Alfredo Julio Grassi’s career was inspired by American science-fiction pulps.
by Christian A. Vallini Lawson

Pulp horrors of the dirty ’30s
Publishers offered a blood-red splash of color amid the grey days of the Great Depression.
by Don Hutchison

The first wave of the walking dead
Long before the current zombie boom, reanimated horrors lurked in the pulps.
by Jeffrey Shanks

Hannes Bok centennial
Read excerpts of letters written by Donald Wandrei to August Derleth on the news of Hannes Bok’s death.

Three sought adventure
In 1939, a barbarian, a thief and Fritz Leiber Jr. began the journey of a lifetime.
by Don Herron

Frank M. Robinson: a remembrance
The author and long-time pulp collector died in June.
by John Gunnison


From the Editor, by William Lampkin
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis

On the cover

Pulp artist Edd Cartier’s painting for the December 1939 number of Street & Smith’s Unknown illustrated L. Sprague de Camp’s alternative history “Lest Darkness Fall.”