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Number 22

'The Pulpster' #22 (2013)

The Pulpster #22 (2013)

Number 22 of The Pulpster was published for PulpFest 2013.

Cover stories

Celebrating the pulp heroes of ’33
Publishers saw the success of a single-character pulp in The Shadow and struck.
by Michael Chomko

Why 1933?
In the pit of the Great Depression, a struggling industry finds its heroes.
by Will Murray


The master of the jungle
A complete Lucifer Jones adventure (with pardons to ERB).
by Mike Resnick (Illustrations by Kez Wilson)


The Texas Weird Tales massacre
A handwritten note on the cover of an issue of “The Unique Magazine” sends a man to the chair.
by John Locke

Old Man, look at my Llife
A self-imposed Q&A about William Preston’s “pulp” hero.
by William Preston

On writing ‘Skull Island’
The current “Kenneth Robeson” explains why it’s not a Wold Newton book.
by Will Murray

The Rollicking Rogue and the hero pulp explosion
Johnston McCulley’s horned hero presages a coming pulp trend.
by Tom Johnson

The path to Fu Manchu
A fascination with Sax Rohmer’s villain leads to a new series of books.
by William Patrick Maynard

Exploiting anti-foreign imagery
“Yellow peril” themes predate the pulp magazines and Fu Manchu.
by Nathan Vernon Madison

Inside Daisy Bacon
Her legacy extends beyond her success as Street & Smith’s “girl editor.”
by Laurie Powers

A pulp pioneer ‘returns’ to life
Homer Eon Flint found inspiration in his short life to write stories “ahead of their time.”
by Vella Munn

Daffy Dill investigates murder
Richard B. Sale’s crime reporter tangles with bad guys through 59 stories.
by Monte Herridge

More from Arkham House archives
Take a peek at a postcard, sketches and poems by H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.
by George Vanderburgh


From the Editor, by William Lampkin
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis
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