The Pulpster

The annual magazine about pulp magazines for over 25 years

Number 20

'The Pulpster' #20 (2011)

The Pulpster #20 (2011)

Number 20 of The Pulpster was published for PulpFest 2011.


The shadows of 1931
by Michael Chomko

A crystal pause
by H. Russell Wakefield

Return of the Man of Bronze
by Will Murray

What? New pulps? How dare they!
by David Walker

Editor’s note on new pulps
by Tony Davis

Meet Malachi Manatee
by William Lampkin

HPL’s edits from the past
by George A. Vanderburgh

From pulpwood to the airwaves
by Rex W. Layton

Exploits of jewels and murder
by Monte Herridge

Remembering John Fleming Gould
by Don Hutchison

Hunting pulpsters in graveyards
by John Locke

Farmercon VI supplement


Editorial, by Tony Davis
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis