The Pulpster

The annual magazine about pulp magazines for over 25 years

Number 19

'The Pulpster' #19 (2010)

The Pulpster #19 (2010)

Number 19 of The Pulpster was published for PulpFest 2010.


Spade, Destry and Dr. Kildare
by William F. Nolan

David Goodis, pulp writer
by Don Hutchison

Wuxtry! Art Burks’ plot clicks
by Frederick C. Painton

The careers of Paul Ernst: from Horror Stories to Good Housekeeping
by John Locke

The lost Doc Savage movie
by William Lampkin

Not your grandfather’s Doc Savage
by William Lampkin

10 pulp questions I’ve been asked
by Nick Carr

Elron and the golden egg
by Wayne Leighton

L. Ron as fiction
by Wayne Leighton

Max Brand and Western Story Magazine: year one
by David L. Fox

Faust’s first year in Western Story Magazine (bibliography)
by David L. Fox

Whatever happened to Carroll John Daly’s “Three Gun Terry”?
by Bruce Sterling

Tribute: Frank Frazetta, illustrating the incredible
by Neil Mechem


Editorial, by Tony Davis
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis
Guest of Honor: William F. Nolan