The Pulpster

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Number 18

'The Pulpster' #18 (2009)

The Pulpster #18 (2009)

Number 18 of The Pulpster was published for PulpFest 2009.


Pulp art in prime time
by Rex W. Layton

Howling calamity! A Look at Fishman’s Jailer series in Detective Fiction Weekly
by Monte Herridge

The shadow over Arkham
by Michael Chomko

Raymond Palmer and “The Shaver Mystery”
by Tony Davis

Lawrence Donovan: meet the mystery man
by William Lampkin

Ray B. Browne and the Popular Press
by Garyn G. Roberts

Yesterday’s pulp letters
by Nick Carr

Some words about my father, Edd Cartier
by Dean Edward Cartier

Edd Cartier: the legacy
by Joseph Wrzos

Tribute — Philip José Farmer, pulp character biographer…
by Tony Davis


Editorial, by Tony Davis
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis
Guest of Honor: Otto Penzler