The Pulpster

The annual magazine about pulp magazines for over 25 years

Number 12

'The Pulpster' #12 (2002)

The Pulpster #12 (2002)

Number 12 of The Pulpster was published for Pulpcon 31 (2002).


Review: Private Detective Stories, December 1943
by Alfred Jan

Wonder worlds
by Frank Robinson

The Plot Genie: a fascinating artifact from the heyday of the pulps
by Rex W. Layton

Bronze Shadows
by Tom Johnson

Pirates in the pulps
by Dick Swan

Pulpster crossword
by Neil Mechem

The rise and fall of the air pulps
by Mike Chomko

Trail of the Rio Kid
by Don Hutchison

Startling report: capsule report on a STF convention
by Anonymous (Writer’s Digest 1950)

Teaching pulp fiction where it all began: New York City
by Kurt Brokaw

The ABCs of pulp collecting
by Leigh Mechem

The Steeger letters
by Nick Carr

The squeaking goblin
by Franklyn Hamilton

Day of the gun-dummy
by Will Murray


Editorial, by Tony Davis
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis
Guest of Honor: Jon Arfstrom, by Rusty Hevelin
Guest of Honor: Jon Tuska, by Rusty Hevelin