The Pulpster

The annual magazine about pulp magazines for over 25 years

Number 11

'The Pulpster' #11 (2001)

The Pulpster #11 (2001)

Number 11 of The Pulpster was published for Pulpcon 30 (2001).


Bill Barnes’ lost flight
by Will Murray

Book review: Hard Boiled: Working Class Readers and Pulp Magazines
by Alfred Jan

The Paul Pine trilogy of Howard Browne (pen name John Evans): a step beyond Chandler
by Wayne D. Rollins

Introducing Equus Caballus
by Nick Carr

The last Black Bat story
by Tom Johnson

To write — be wrong!
by John W. Campbell Jr.

The way it was
by Don Hutchison

John L. Nanovic — pulp editor
by Al Tonik

Those Canadian pulps
by Tony Davis

History of Pulpcon 23 to 29
by Don Ramlow


Editorial, by Tony Davis
Final Chapters, by Tony Davis
Guest of Honor: Gloria Stoll Karn, by Rusty Hevelin
Guest of Honor: Frank M. Robinson, by Rusty Hevelin
Pulpcon 30 Fan Guest of Honor: Gordon Huber, by Gordon Huber